Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kids Fuck Everything Up

I am sick of kids fucking shit up. I don't just mean like kids under 10 but kids all the way through college. They ruin everything fun in this world. Why do they do it? Because they are just trying to have fun in ways they aren't supposed to. They ruin drugs for everyone by doing them on youtube.

They ruin porn with the idea that they might actually see porn is somehow enough to send congress into a lather. Heaven forbid that parents learn how to block adult adult content from their kids computers. Not that kids won't always want to look at porn. Sigh. Kids have always been sneaking a peek at their dads magazines or videos since that kind of material became available. .

They ruin video games by losing their shit over losing at them or losing access to them. I mean seriously. Kills lose their shit over video games in the craziest ways possible. The same goes for ruining movies and TV by acting out what they see and getting themselves killed.

The only thing they don't seem to be able to do is ruin gun ownership. I mean kids can kill each other, kill their dads, kills dad's girlfriend, They kill their fellow college classmates, whomever and somehow guns don't get regulated. Not to say that the kids don't get punished. They get to spend their lives in jail if they don't kill themselves early.

Oh yeah. Back to the whole global warming thing. We're fucked.

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