Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gun Nuts, FEMA Camps... WTF People??!?!

This video is just amazing. Talk about wing-nuts! I mean seriously.

100 Days of America Being Very Scary


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bad Metaphors are the Plaything of Conservative Jerkoffs

Thankfully the tea bag day is over. Sadly the mega stupidity that is going on with the conservatives is not. I understand the outrage at the bailouts and so on. I don't understand the tax rages and how everything with the bailouts are blamed on Obama only. Bush and his appointed money people were the architects of the original bailouts. But somehow Obama gets all the blame. The only plus side of the whole thing is that it has unleashed yet another hyper-racist onslaught of dumb signs.

This kid has got to be home schooled to have written a sign with such big words and intense political meaning!

I would say that Loves is a strong word for how Obama feels about baby killing. Probably "Baby Killing Curious" is better.

Tea Baggin' Well Mocked at MSNBC