Monday, March 9, 2009

What if Global Warming theories are wrong?

More than 600 self-professed climate skeptics are meeting in a Times Square hotel this week to challenge what has become a broad scientific and political consensus: that without big changes in energy choices, humans will dangerously heat up the planet.

Isn't it a good idea to cut back on the stuff that scientist say may be causing global warming anyway? Because the stuff we're talking about is not good for anyone in general. Reduction of those kinds of emissions shouldn't be blocked by anyone. It doesn't take long to see who is behind all the anti-global warming stuff. Its always the energy companies who would suffer the must by any conclusion that their products and practices may be big time contributors to the issue.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Home Schooled Kids Are Scary

Why the fuck is it that whenever there is some super genius kid that writes a book or does some other amazing thing they are home schooled. Thats the way it seems these days anyway. Today I watched a video of Jonathan Khrone, the 13 year old conservative firebrand who spoke at the CPAC last week. I mean this kid wrote a fucking book about conservatism that got him invited to speak in front of the entire party. I mean the GOP is really adrift right now but I didn't think it was that bad. This kid even wow'd serious nobody Joe the Plumber. If you watch this kids video clip please ignore the way he says "ideology." It's insanely annoying. Also try not to notice that he apparently hasn't been paying attention to what the GOP has been doing to people's individual rights for the last 8 years. He seems to think that the Right is all about letting people be. Good luck with that, kid.

Anyway I've seen all kinds of shit on TV of little kids who've written books or help the poor or do all this other super adult crap. My question is why aren't their parents teaching everyone's kids? You selfish fucks. No, instead you're teaching your kids how to be insane little over achievers who make everyone look shitty. Unless you teach them to be conservative firebrands. Then you just make them look like little future right-wing radio morons.

Now of course not all home schooled kids are exceptional or even smart for that matter. Just the ones we are shown on TV. So screw you TV for making us feel bad, too.