Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what? You just fucked your friends

The bummer here is just more of the classic bullshit war on drugs and stigma that smoking weed has. It's absurd that this is even a story. Who gives a shit if the guy pulled tubes at some party. I don't. I'm not some master weed champ and you won't find me at a NORML rally but weed just shouldn't be illegal and the demonization of it just criminal and wrong.

So the douchebag who took this picture and then sold it to English tabloids didn't just fuck Phelps for whatever he got paid. Nope. He got 8 of his "friends" arrested. 7 for possession of weed and one for distribution. The guy whose bong it was got busted trying to sell it on ebay for $100,000.

The photo, first posted in the British tabloid "News of the World," showed Phelps smoking the drug pipe in November of last year. According to WIS-TV, the party took place on the University of South Carolina campus at Blossom Street, near the Five Points area.

According to court records, the person associated with that address is a friend of Phelps and a professional poker player. He was charged with marijuana possession on Saturday.

The station is reporting that the eight people were arrested on charges related to marijuana. Phelps has not been charged.

This is such a fucking bummer its retarded. I mean the implications are staggering. Plus with all the new gps tech being implemented into phones the next time you take a picture of yourself smoking weed or doing coke or some other illegal thing the police might be able to get that picture, use the geo-tag info an then go to the house the party was at and arrest people. Fuck you people. Whoever sold this picture to the press should get nut punched to death in front of his parents.

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